Vicki Blaser

Director of Accounting and Investor Relations
949.794.7207 | [email protected]

Vicki Blaser is the Director of Accounting and Investor Sales. Vicki came here from one of our founding organizations The Orange County Chamber of Commerce & Industry in September of 1993. Vicki wears many hats from new and existing investors to accounting to information technology.

Before working for the Chamber, Vicki worked for Talley & Company, a CPA firm in Orange. Her longest tenure of employment was at the University of Notre Dame for 17 years where she worked with nationally and internationally acclaimed scientists on their publications, coursework, symposiums, presentations, abstracts, curriculum vitae, grants (public and private) as well as numerous departmental responsibilities.

Vicki is originally from from Indiana where she grew up on a farm before moving with her parents and sisters to the big city of South Bend. She now resides in beautiful Mission Viejo, California and loves the warm winters.