Jan 03 2022


Bidding farewell to dear colleagues is really hard and emotional. Finding the right choice of words is definitely a challenge. After all we’ve shared together, how do you tell folks how much each one means to you while remaining composed and professional?

I’m not sure for me it’s possible. I’m tearing up as I pen this last note!

When I think back over my 16 years in leadership at OCBC, I am amazed at the changes—not just the organization, but my own personal growth, education and transformation. Each one of you taught me something, challenged me in some way, helped me remember to bring my “A” game every day, and leave it all on the field. Without exception, with you and the mission of OCBC, every morning I awoke excited for what the day would bring, what new thing I’d learn and share, who we could help and how we could advance the best of what Orange County has to offer.

This is pretty heady stuff.

On my last day at OCBC, December 31, the office was closed in preparation for the New Year’s celebrations. It was quiet but I came in one last time to walk the halls, conference room, offices, reveling in the memories, and thought, “Yes indeed. Good things happened here and we made a difference for many. Who could ask for more of a professional career?”

But now it’s time for new adventures for me, completely at peace in the thought that OCBC is in very capable hands under the visionary leadership of CEO Jeff Ball. I ask you all to join me in giving Jeff the warmest of welcomes and all of our support. To insure his success, he has at his side the finest team of professional staff members, and a remarkable board comprised of savvy, ethical, accomplished leaders of excellence. I can’t wait to see how OCBC will move Orange County’s success and quality of life to ever higher levels.

As OCBC embraces change in 2022, know that the times shared, friendships forged and the incredible successes which we have enjoyed have been an extraordinary part of my life. I am very proud of what we have achieved together and they have been times I will never forget.

From the heart, thank you.

Note: You can reach Lucy at [email protected] for a while longer or her personal email at [email protected]. She’ll no doubt continue to make “good mischief” to advance Orange County in her new life!

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