Nov 09 2021

Dunn and Done: OC Sanitation District – A forward-thinking public agency supporting the local economy

Have you ever stopped to think about how remarkable OC’s public sanitation systems are—things we might just take for granted? Oh sure, you now know to only put the three Ps into your toilet. (You know them, right?) But once waste is flushed, Orange County Sanitation District’s (OC San) regional system provides not only reliable sewer service, but state of the art processes for access to clean tap water as well through the Groundwater Replenishment System. Every day, over 180 million gallons of wastewater is collected, treated, and either safely released five miles offshore into the Pacific Ocean or further treated by the Groundwater Replenishment System, the world’s largest advanced water purification system.

As the regional sewer provider for central and northwest Orange County, OC San operates nearly 400 miles of sewer pipes, 15 offsite pump stations, and treatment facilities in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley. Protecting the health of 2.6 million people and the environment is not a task taken lightly.

This is not inexpensive work. Thus, under the leadership of Board Chairman, John Withers, OC San has strategically planned to invest serious resources to enhance and protect this vital infrastructure. Its $5.8 billion, 20-year investments will continue to provide reliable service for Orange County as well as good planning to meet future growth.

But wait! There’s more! Next year, OC San will issue almost $200 million in construction contracts for sewer projects throughout Orange County targeted to local vendors, contractors, and consultants to support OC’s economy and help create thousands of high paying jobs. More than 30 construction projects are planned. Check out for details.

OCBC has long encouraged enhanced investments in maintaining and effectively operating infrastructure—the strong backbone of a robust economy–as a guidepost of good government. OC San’s strategies to maintain the system as well as support Orange County’s robust business sector are exactly the kind of moves that distinguish Orange County from other places around the state—a public sector dedicated to its public purposes while recognizing the importance of the private sector for innovation and efficiencies. Thanks to this forward-thinking, OC will continue its powerhouse leadership role as a global competitor.

To continue supporting the local community, OC San will be hosting events for OC vendors, contractors, and consultants to promote upcoming projects and business opportunities. Visit for more information.

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