Oct 21 2021

Dunn and Done: Supply Chain Crisis Worsens for Businesses and Consumers

Anyone who has gone to the beach or flown out of Southern California recently can tell you, there are a lot of cargo ships moored off coast—100 at last count—waiting for weeks to dock and offload merchandise for all of us. This backlog has pervaded every aspect of the global supply chain, with bottlenecks and labor shortages at ports, warehouses, trucking, and rail hubs nationwide.

The Ports of LA and Long Beach, which comprise 35% of all US shipping container activity, have more than five times normal pre-pandemic levels of activity. A crisis of this magnitude demands action from State leaders. Not for the inconvenience of ordering holiday presents early or waiting longer for online furniture purchases, but due to worsening pressure on delivering food, medical supplies, and diapers. Supplies of these and other essential products will become harder to come by and in turn drive up prices making it more expensive for consumers to afford basic needs. There is also a devastating toll on the mental health of the supply chain workforce and mounting pollution concerns.

That’s why Governor Newsom’s Executive Order is an important first step but does not go as far or fast enough as this crisis warrants. OCBC and statewide leaders from business, commerce, and agriculture are calling on Governor Newsom to take specific actions now. Read our response to the Governor’s order and list of regulatory relief strategies.

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