Jan 10 2022

EYES ON THE BALL: A Purpose and a Plan

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well, I am excited to give it a try!

Since the time I was announced as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Orange County Business Council, I have gotten two primary questions… why are you doing this and what are you planning to do?

I have come to lead The Council after a 40-year career in banking which took me from the teller line to Chief Executive Officer. It was through those experiences that I developed a deep passion for advocating the importance of a strong business community. The very existence of a financial institution is dependent upon the economic strength of the communities that it chooses to serve. And the strength of those communities is dependent upon the strength of the local business community. That is why you often see financial institutions as one of the strongest in charitable support. And that is also a reason why you see me in this role. I have been advocating for the overall business community for many years.

I chose to resolve my focus on Advocacy with this organization because I already knew first-hand the strength of the platform and staff here at The Council. In our first meeting together, as its new leader, I provided this great team with a strong Core Vision and shared a refocused purpose of this organization: To enhance the standard of living for everyone who resides, works or plays in Orange County. OCBC’s purpose is the reason we exist. And this purpose reflects the fact that a strong business community is critical not just to the economy, but to the well-being of society as a whole.

I chose to make such a career change now because at no time in the history of our region has economic growth been so important. It has gone from once being desirable to now being imperative. The level of financial burdens that federal, state and local governments have now committed us to are unprecedented. And the only way we meet those obligations will be to significantly grow the economy in a sustainable way. It means that now, more than ever, the private sector and the public sector need to work together. Coordinating to ensure that the ongoing investments from these public resources serve to truly support what is necessary for immediate and sustainable economic growth in the region. A focus on what is proven to be needed for economic prosperity for all segments of the economy–in measurable terms of return on investment and not what may be isolated or theoretical.

My plan is to build upon the existing strength of The Council as a catalyst in facing these types of issues. Building upon the pillars already established for this great organization. Using the means provided by our Investors to turn these challenges into opportunities for our businesses and our communities. Being the Voice of Reason to keep our eyes on the ball with important facts and proper focus. Providing the resources needed to help business leaders and elected representatives make the right decisions to improve the quality of life for everyone in this region. A plan built around a Core Vision that I recently presented to our staff and will next be sharing publicly with the benefit of their input and commitment.

This is not really a new trick for an old dog–it’s a new focus for a proven organization and I am excited to be here! Your investment in the Orange County Business Council is an investment in a better Orange County. For everyone. We know that it needs to be bigger–so let’s make it even better.

If you are interested in being part of this effort for a bigger and better Orange County, then become an Investor in The Council.

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