Gas taxes rise Nov. 1; cities traffic relief funding almost doubles

On November 1, a new gas tax will go into effect providing much needed funding to repair roads and infrastructure statewide. At the local level, most Orange County cities will effectively double their budget for road repairs and traffic relief projects. Over the next 10 years, OC cities and the County of Orange will receive $1.48 billion in new revenue set aside specifically for traffic reduction, road repair and other infrastructure projects.  SB 1 comes with protections that ensure that funds will only be spent on infrastructure and road repair projects. In 2018, a statewide ballot proposition will give the people of California an opportunity to solidify the revenue protections into our state constitution. When you fill up in the coming weeks and notice a slightly higher cost, remember that you are doing your part to help fix the roads and reduce traffic in Orange County. As CA Transportation Commissioner, OCBC CEO Lucy Dunn voted to bring over $18 million back to OC this month, including advanced funding under SB 1. For more information, contact Alicia Berhow, Sr. Vice President of Government Affairs. 

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