Infrastructure Committee Welcomes Cal-Trans Representative

On April 9, OCBC’s Infrastructure Committee welcomed Grace Tell, Caltrans District 12 Branch Chief of Advance Planning-Project Studies, and Ryan Chamberlain, District 12 Director, to brief the Committee regarding the I-5 Managed Lanes Project.

The Project would establish express lanes on the I-5 between the Los Angeles/Orange County Line and SR-55. Caltrans anticipates the final Project Study Report to be completed in August 2019, and the Project Approval and Environmental Document (PA&ED) phase is expected in 2020.

Ms. Tell and Director Chamberlain elaborated on the high levels of degradation in the carpool lanes throughout this segment, leading to increased congestion; the Project adds an express lane each way that will generate toll revenue and decrease congestion.

For more info, contact Alicia Berhow, Sr. Vice President of Government Affairs.

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