Jesse Ben-Ron, OCBC VP of Workforce and Economic Development, Hard at Work to Secure Student E-Learning Tools

The team at Orange County Business Council has actively been working to help the community stay safe and benefit from local resources during the coronavirus pandemic. 

For example, Jesse Ben-Ron, Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development has been working closely with the Orange County Department of Education, Google, Cisco, and other organizations to secure technological tools for students in support of e-learning. 

Jesse has been in contact with Nina Boyd, OCDE’s Associate Superintendent of Community and Student Support Services, to coordinate connectivity and the proper equipment students need to complete their work. 

Jesse has also connected with Google and Cisco to secure computers for Orange County’s high schools and universities.

Other companies and organizations have followed suit in providing services to make easier the transition to e-learning for students. 

To enable students to learn and advance from home, AT&T, Cox, and Charter have implemented programs that offer accessible remote learning tools to students. These programs include AT&T’s roll-out of 60 days’ free access and unlimited usage of Caribu, a video-calling application that allows family members to keep connected while in distant locations

Cox has also partnered with local, regional, and national organizations to provide discounted, refurbished laptops and accessories to families that qualify for the Connect2Compete program. And, Cox has provided a Learn from Home toolkit for schools, including how to fast-track students without Internet access.

In addition, Charter has offered free access to spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi service for K-12 and college student households. 

Jesse’s efforts on behalf of the Orange County Business Council continue to help benefit the students of Orange County, and the community as a whole. 

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