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Why join the leading voice of business?

With a member base of some of the region’s most influential businesses and organizations, Orange County Business Council (OCBC) represents and promotes the Orange County business community locally, in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C. Working with its investors, government and academia, OCBC promotes economic development with a focus on business resources, an education system that produces a skilled workforce, a range of housing, and sound investments towards an efficient and reliable infrastructure.


Learn about the critical issues impacting Orange County and become part of the leadership group that helps bridge officials with initiatives that deliver results.


Engage in economic development efforts and learn about the latest projects, initiatives and resources available for businesses and organizations.


Provide opportunities for your future leaders to become knowledgeable about the significant issues impacting Orange County and engage with the leaders making a difference.


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For questions or to learn more, contact Vice President of Investor Relations Carl Heft at (949) 735-0717 or [email protected]

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