IRVINE, CA — Today Lucy Dunn, President and CEO, Orange County Business Council, was reappointed by Governor Jerry Brown to another four-year term on the California Transportation Commission (CTC). She was first appointed in 2008 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and appointed by Governor Brown in 2012 for a second term. Last year, Dunn served as the commission’s chair, promoting both system reforms and revenue enhancements to meet the state’s burgeoning transportation needs

“I am honored to serve another term on the commission and thank Governor Brown for a his commitment to fixing California’s roads to keep California’s residents, businesses and economy moving,” Dunn said.

During her terms, working with her colleagues on the Commission, CTC has successfully implemented policies to strengthen public-private partnerships, design-build project delivery, and streamline of transportation funding programs that help create jobs and improve the state’s economy. However, more progress needs to be made in order to address the state’s more than $300 million transportation funding shortfall.

It is imperative that the legislature come together this session to create thoughtful, bipartisan solutions that focus on both reform and revenue options to repair the dismal state of California’s roads and highways. Solutions should include focus on maintaining and rehabilitating the current system, strong accountability and reform requirements to protect the taxpayers’ investment, raising revenues across a broad range of options, equal split between state and local projects, and consistent annual funding levels.

“Healthy roads lead to a healthy economy,” Dunn said. “Without reliable means of movement for goods and people, California’s businesses and residents face a major hindrance in prosperity. I look forward to continuing the progress already made and commit to working with fellow commissioners and the Governor to achieve meaningful, bipartisan solutions that focus on the root of the problem.”

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