OCBC 25th Anniversary Video 

2020 Annual Dinner 

2019 Holiday Party

2019 “Turning Red Tape to Red Carpet” Awards

2019 Economic Forecast Conference

2019 Workforce Development Conference

2019 Annual Dinner and Installation of the Board of Directors 

2018 Holiday Party

2018 “Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet” Awards

2018 Workforce Development Conference

2018 Economic Forecast Conference

2018 Annual Dinner and Installation of the Board of Directors 

2017 Turning Red Tape to Red Carpet Awards and Reception

2017 Executive Golf Tournament

2017 Workforce Development Conference

2017 Annual Dinner

2016 Workforce Development Conference

CLB with Dr. Mildred Garcia

2016 Annual Dinner

2015 Holiday Reception 

2015 Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet Awards & Reception 

2015 Workforce Development Conference

2015 Executive Invitational Golf Tournament 

2015 One Voice, Two Capitols Trip to Sacramento

2015 Annual Dinner

2014 Holiday Party

2014 Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet Awards

2014 Economic Forecast Conference

2014 Workforce Development Conference

2014 Golf Tournament

6th Annual Latino Educational Attainment Reception, Celebrating 10 Years of Success

2014 Annual Dinner, “The Sky’s the Limit

2013 OCBC Holiday Reception

3rd Annual Turning Red Tap Into Red Carpet Awards Reception

2013 Economic Forecast Conference

2013 Workforce Development Conference

2013 Executive Golf Tournament

2013 STEAM Forum

Supreme Court Review for Business

One Voice, Two Capitols Washington, D.C. Advocacy Trip

Orange County Economic Development Forum

5th Annual Latino Educational Attainment Reception

Chairman’s Leadership Breakfast Featuring Kimberly Cripe

One Voice, Two Capitols Sacramento Advocacy Trip

5th Annual BIZPAC Tribute and Roast featuring Will Kempton

2013 Annual Dinner: Breaking Free

2012 Holiday Reception

2012 Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet Awards