Jan 21 2020

OC Home to 100,000 Vets, says Goodwill of OC’s Denton Knapp Jr.

OCBC’s Workforce Development Committee welcomed Denton Knapp Jr., Director of the Tierney Center for Veteran Services, Goodwill of Orange County. Denton gave an engaging presentation on the Orange County veteran community and the ways veterans make exceptional employees.

According to Knapp, Orange County is home to over 100,000 veterans, and despite exceptional training in the military, many cannot find adequate employment due to two main barriers: culture barriers between military and civilian life; and lack of understanding from veterans and companies about how military training translates to other professions.

A common misconception is that everyone in the military is in combat. However, there are administrative specialists, construction equipment operators, and aircraft mechanics, just to name a few. In addition,  while many of these jobs are similar to civilian employers, they don’t always translate one-to-one.

Regardless of these barriers, Knapp assured the group that veterans are instilled with the qualities that every employer wants from an employee including pride in their work, teamwork, mission driven and punctuality.

For more information, contact Jesse Ben-Ron, OCBC Director of Workforce and Economic Development.

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