OCBC had an 86 percent kill rate on bad legislation in 2017

OCBC’s advocacy efforts proved effective this legislative session in advocating for the passage of bills critical for the business community, and in killing legislation harmful to Orange County’s economic prosperity. OCBC took a position on 67 bills throughout the 2017 legislative session: 32 bills in support, 35 in opposition. More than half of the OBC-supported bill are either two-year bills or died in committee. However, 13 were signed into law, a 41 percent success rate. Of the 35 OCBC-opposed bills, 31 were either killed, became two-year bills or vetoed – an 86 percent success rate. OCBC will continue to track the bills that became two-year bills, throughout the next legislative session to advocate for either favorable amendments, or opposition. A critical success of the legislative session includes the passage of SB 1, which is the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. OCBC worked tirelessly, along with coalition partners, to advocate for the passage of this critical transportation funding geared toward a fix-it-first strategy. Orange County alone will receive an estimated $34,120,00 in new revenues from SB1. Throughout the year, OCBC also leveraged its advocacy efforts by working in coordination with other groups such as Cal Chamber and the Regional Economic Association Leadership Coalition (REAL Coalition) co-chaired by Carl Guardino of Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Lucy Dunn of OCBC. CLICK HERE for a complete list of the bills and their summaries that OCBC tracked. For more information, contact Peter DeMarco, Sr. Vice President.

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