OCBC Honors Government Agencies Cutting Red Tape In 8th Annual “Turning Red Tape Into Red Carpet” Awards


IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On Wednesday, November 28, with 200 in attendance at the Center Club in Costa Mesa, Orange County Business Council awarded its coveted “Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet” honors to select Orange County cities, a water district, airport, educators and transportation agencies whose policies and programs eliminate the barriers to economic growth and private sector jobs creation.

With event title sponsorship by ACI Jet, a record 41 nominations were received by OCBC this year and winners were selected by a committee of OCBC members and city management in categories including Real Estate Redevelopment and Reuse, Business Retention and Expansion, Sustainable and Green Development, Incorporating Innovative Technology, Public-Private Partnership, Public Agency Partnership, and Leadership in Public Service.  A special focus this year was recognition by OCBC for public agency leadership in eliminating or prevent homelessness.

This year’s award winners are:

Real Estate Redevelopment and Reuse
City of La Habra: “Homes and a New Hall – Public and Private Investment in La Habra’s Central Core”

The City of La Habra partnered with developer City Ventures to relocate the former La Habra City Hall to a new renovated office building.  The project included renovation and expansion of the La Habra Community Center, renovation of the La Habra Police Station and Veterans Memorial Hall, relocation of the city’s post office, new parking and the construction of 71 new homes in La Habra’s central core. The new City Hall boasts modern technology and contains more space. The City Ventures homes add housing in La Habra’s central core.

*HONORABLE MENTION* in Real Estate Redevelopment and Reuse
City of Orange: “HomeAid Orange County Emergency Shelter”

HomeAid—a national nonprofit provider of housing for homeless—converted approximately 9,000 square feet of warehouse space to accommodate over 55 beds.  The Center is close to the City of Orange Police Department, homeless support services, and public transportation.  It was fully funded by private donations, primarily from the building industry. City staff joined HomeAid and Mercy House to make the project possible, utilizing private funding and community volunteers. Over 5,000 persons within family units have been served. 

Business Retention and Expansion
City of Anaheim: “Economic Development Team”

The City of Anaheim created the Economic Development Team (EDT) in August 2017.  The EDT brings together expertise from various disciplines and meets with companies and project teams during phases of their move or expansion to Anaheim.  Since its formation, the EDT has assisted nearly 50 businesses with locating expansion sites, connected job-seekers with full-time positions in Anaheim companies, streamlined the permit and plan check process for over 800 businesses and provided $1.5 million in commercial utility rebates and incentives.

Incorporating Innovative Technology
City of Huntington Beach: “Smart Fusion Poles”

The City of Huntington Beach partnered with Philips/American Tower to deploy 200 Smart Fusion Poles, a uniquely-designed, energy efficient light pole.  Smart Fusion Poles contain wireless equipment while preserving the aesthetics of the beachside City.  They provide high-performance broadband to meet the network requirements of mobile network operators, ensuring high-speed Internet and data access to those nearby.  Smart Fusion Poles combine the need for environment-friendly street lighting with the increasing demand for excellent mobile data service.

Sustainable and Green Development
John Wayne Airport: “Food Waste Reduction Program”

John Wayne Airport launched a food waste diversion program to reduce the organics it sends to landfills and allow it to be reused.  The program encourages Terminal restaurants to participate in a food donation program.  In 2017, JWA donated more than 31,000 pounds of food to local food recovery programs – equivalent to $150,000 in donated meals.   The program also trains restaurant staff to separate, collect, and dispose of food waste so that a waste hauler can convert the food waste into biofuel.

Public Private Partnership—Dual Winners
Irvine Ranch Water District: “Energy Storage Project”

Irvine Ranch Water District’s (IRWD) is partnering with Macquarie Capital, Advanced Microgrid Solutions and Southern California Edison to establish one of the nation’s largest energy storage systems used for on-site power.  A network of high-efficiency Tesla battery arrays is set up at water treatment, recycling and pumping facilities throughout the District, allowing IRWD to store electricity when rates are low, and then use that energy to power operations during peak hours.  The Energy Storage Project saves $500,000 or more in energy costs annually without upfront investment. 

Orange County Department of Education: “OC Pathways”

Orange County Department of Education launched OC Pathways in July 2014, engaging thousands of students in career pathways and business partnerships since.  Students are introduced to careers in high-growth, high-demand industry sectors vital to the regional economy.  OC Pathways facilitates collaboration among schools, colleges, regional business and community partners to equip students for college/career success.  OC Pathways has forged significant industry partnerships in the process, serving nearly 14,000 high school students annually.

Special Award for Public Agency Partnership
Transportation Corridor Agencies: “Shared Approach Agreement for Back-Office Operations”

The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) and the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) have entered into a cooperative agreement in January 2018 for TCA to process toll transactions and provide customer service for the planned Interstate-10 Corridor – Contract 1, an Express Lanes project in San Bernardino County.  The “shared approach” agreement includes an innovative Cost Model to estimate annual costs to support long-term planning needs.  Back-office operations involve systems to process toll collection and toll evasion notifications; this is shared between the two agencies.

Leadership in Public Service Award
Local Leaders Tackling Homelessness: The Honorable Andrew Do, Orange County Supervisor 1st District; The Honorable Jennifer Fitzgerald, Fullerton City Council Member; Dan Young, Camino Enterprises

Chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors Andrew Do, Fullerton Councilmember Jennifer Fitzgerald (and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Association of California Cities—Orange County) and Dan Young played crucial roles in developing solutions to Orange County’s pervasive homelessness epidemic.  Supervisor Do and Mr. Young spearheaded the purchasing of a 44,500 square foot building that will be used to provide supportive housing.  Councilmember Fitzgerald was instrumental in advocating for a ACC-OC sponsored legislation to establish a public agency/joint powers housing trust, AB 448–Orange County Housing Finance Trust—to accept public and private funding for projects to end homelessness.

State Leaders Tackling Homelessness:  The Honorable Tom Daly, Assemblymember 69th District; The Honorable Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assemblymember 65th District; The Honorable John Moorlach, Assemblymember 37th District; The Honorable Patricia Bates: Assemblymember 36th District

Assemblymembers Tom Daly and Sharon Quirk-Silva authored AB 448, a landmark bill that established the Orange County Housing Finance Trust to receive a mix of public and private funding to develop 2,700 units of permanent supportive housing that fit into the County’s comprehensive system of wrap-around services for homelessness prevention.  Senators John Moorlach and Pat Bates vigorously pushed the legislation through the Senate, demonstrating unifying bipartisan support.  AB 448 passed both chambers without a single opposition vote, a testament to AB 448’s common-sense solutions and unifying properties.

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