The Driving Force of Economic Development

With millions of Californians out of work or underemployed, implementing economic development solutions that put people back to work is priority. OCBC’s economic development activities ensure California remains focused on developing pro-business solutions to the state’s toughest challenges. OCBC forms strategic partnerships internationally, recognizing the benefits of international trade to the local economy, and its importance given Orange County’s location to the ports and diverse population. By planning for the good times ahead, Orange County will continue to lead the state’s economic recovery.

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Business Attraction and Retention

One of the primary goals of OCBC’s Economic Development Department is working to attract new businesses to the county, while working to ensure that existing companies remain. As part of this effort, OCBC launched Orange County’s first business and attraction website,, a one-stop destination promoting the benefits of doing business in Orange County, California. provides information on the county’s economic climate, business incentives and resources, transportation system, workforce, schools, and much more.

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County of Orange Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Orange County’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) provides the roadmap for government and the nonprofit community to collaborate more effectively in ensuring Orange County’s quality of life is available to everyone, particularly in qualified Red-Zone census tracts.

The CEDS is an economic development planning tool, in partnership with the Orange County Workforce Development Board, which provides an opportunity for the County to understand the needs and ensure that collaboration occurs with Orange County municipalities. The data, maps and appendices include the most recent research available on high unemployment and low-income communities. The report presents economic and social indicators to create targeted economic development goals and objectives.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet Awards

OCBC’s Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet Awards is an annual program which recognizes Orange County’s outstanding public agencies that are proactively cutting through bureaucratic red tape and opening the door for business growth and success.

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