Nov 14 2017

OCBC meets with Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, Presidential Adviser Trump on Tax Reform

On November 6, several OCBC Board Members and staff attended a White House briefing with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, as well Presidential Adviser Ivanka Trump, to discuss the House of Representatives federal tax reform proposal, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The meeting featured a panel discussion comprised of Orange County leaders, including OCBC Board Member Dessi Sarabosing, Mobilitie. The panel addressed areas of support and concerns in the plan, detailing how they felt the tax reform bill would improve or hinder business in Orange County. Secretary Mnuchin and Presidential Advisor Trump highlighted that at the core, the plan is geared toward simplifying the tax code and ensuring the U.S. is globally competitive. For more information, contact Alicia Berhow, Sr. Vice President, Government Affairs. 

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