Oct 17 2017

OCBC releases 2017-2018 Orange County Workforce Indicators Report

Orange County’s economy is thriving and leading the state and nation in terms of its educated workforce, low unemployment rate and diverse industry sectors, according to the 2017 Workforce Indicators Report, which was released at OCBC’s Orange County Workforce Development Conference sponsored by Union Bank. Dr. Wallace Walrod, Chief Economic Advisor to OCBC, provided an analysis of the report, done in partnership with OCBC and Orange County Development Board, highlighting that while the county – as all counties – face some challenges, trends in the region are overwhelmingly positive, especially compared to peer regions. Over half of all high school seniors in OC are UC and CSU eligible, with the lowest dropout rate in the Southern California region. Additionally, OC’s average salary has risen 7.3 percent to $68,467, far outpacing peer regions. CLICK HERE for key findings of the report. 
The conference, which focused on “Elevate Engineering: Adapt, Connect and Transform OC’s Workforce” also featured a keynote presentation from Landon Taylor, CEO, Base11. He gave an overview of Base11’s efforts to encourage more at-risk youth interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Additionally, attendees heard a panel discussion with engineering industry experts Dr. Susamma Barua, CSU Fullerton; Douglas Duchon, Spacecraft Build Reliability Engineer; Holly Klotz, Parsons Corporation, and Maggie McJilton, OCTA. They discussed strategies for ensuring OC students are gaining the skills needed to fill the high-paying engineering jobs available throughout OC, as well as strategies for employers to remain attractive and retain talent in a candidate market. Duchon talked about his experience in welding and hands-on manufacturing experience in high school and college as critical background that aided to his career success in engineering. Dr. Barua discussed the consistently revamped curriculum at CSU Fullerton and the programs offered to students in the college that have worked well in ensuring they find gainful employment. Both McJilton and Klotz discussed workplace culture, as well as critical skills they look for in candidates. For more info, contact Alicia Berhow, Vice President. 
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