OCBC Supports John Wayne Airport General Aviation Improvement Program (GAIP)

OCBC supports the 2018 General Aviation Improvement Program (GAIP), which recommends modernization and facilities upgrades at John Wayne Airport (JWA).  As Orange County’s leading voice of business, OCBC’s mission is to enhance the region’s economic prosperity while maintaining a high quality of life by supporting investment in infrastructure that will provide ease of access for tourists and visiting business leaders.

JWA generates important and substantial benefits to the Orange County economy facilitating the movement of people, goods, and services throughout the nation. JWA generates nearly 43,000 jobs for this region with a total economic impact estimated at $6 billion dollars. The lack of a modern GAIP endangers JWA’s ability to continue providing high-quality service to the many General Aviation (GA) aircrafts using JWA.

A shift in GA trends has reduced the popularity of smaller planes in favor of larger business jets. JWA does not currently contain enough hangar space to accommodate these larger jets, but is mandated to grant aircrafts access to the airfield even if the hangars are occupied. Without the GAIP, this arrangement can threaten airfield security and safety.

Additionally, the GAIP would further strengthen JWA’s economic impact countywide by maximizing the utility of these self-sustaining facilities and ensuring that commercial and GA operations remain compatible in the future.  It would assist in developing an integrated, comprehensive, and efficient multi-modal transportation network in Orange County, meeting the needs of its residents and of a globally competitive Orange County.  It would also support the designation of John Wayne Airport as a Port of Entry by the U.S. customs and Border Protection (CBP) , which would maximize direct investments in regional priority projects.

As Orange County’s only commercial service airport and one of only two airports in the County that accommodate GA, it is imperative that the County support the GAIP to modernize and update facilities at JWA. 

For more information contact Alicia Berhow, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs. 

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