Jun 25 2019

OCBC’s Latino Educational Attainment (LEA) Initiative Awarded $20k Grant by At&T Foundation

IRVINE, CA – The AT&T Foundation has awarded OCBC’s Orange County Education and Research Institute with a $20,000 grant to support the Latino Educational Attainment (LEA) initiative, which educates Orange County’s immigrant parents on how to navigate California’s public school system and become effective advocates for their K-12 school aged children.

“OCBC sincerely thanks the AT&T Foundation for recognizing and contributing to LEA’s positive impact on the community,” said Lucy Dunn, President and CEO of Orange County Business Council. “For the last 15 years, the LEA program has unified communities, students, and parents to produce a highly skilled workforce for Orange County. With this grant, the LEA Initiative will continue to grow and accomplish great things for our community.”

The AT&T Foundation grant will go to production and printing of LEA’s latest parental handbook, “Developmental Assets,” and creation of the brand-new trainer’s manual, “10 Education Commandments,” in preparation for continued support and outreach to Orange County school districts with high immigration populations this fall.

“It is an exciting time for LEA, as the program is currently going through a major reset,” said Richard Porras, AT&T AVP of External Affairs, and Chair of OCBC’s Latino Educational Attainment Committee. “LEA empowers parents to be the best advocates for their children’s education and future. I am so proud of where the program has become and I am excited to see how it will grow in the future.”

LEA is offered free of charge to participating families and ensures that parents are informed and prepared to guide their children to success. The LEA workbook is offered in many languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, English, and soon in Arabic, and is taught by volunteer LEA trainers within the community. Among its many accomplishments, LEA has educated more than10,000 parents, distributed 30,000 copies of its workbooks in multiple languages, and equipped parents with the tools necessary to effectively navigate California public schools and much more.

For more information, please visit https://ocbc.org/ocbc-initiatives/lea.

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