Heather Usiski

Industry Executive and Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase

Heather is the Industry Executive in Southern California for JP Morgan’s Pacific Government Banking Group, focusing on the municipal market encompassing counties, cities, schools, and special districts. She brings a wealth of experience, spanning over two decades in finance and banking, coupled with her time as a financial advisor and a small business owner. Heather leads a dynamic team of bankers and treasury management officers located across multiple locations in Southern California.

Heather is originally from Minnesota and her professional journey has taken her across the country to Arizona and for the last 12 years in Irvine, California. A graduate of the University of North Dakota, Heather holds a BS in Business Administration and Financial Management.

Favorite quote is by Robin Sharma: “Leadership is less about the position you hold than the influence you have. It’s about doing world-class work, playing at your peak, and leaving people better than you found them.”