Dec 15 2021

OCBC Announces 2021 Legislators of the Year

Irvine, CA – December 15, 2021 – Orange County Business Council (OCBC) is proud to announce its 2021 Legislators of the Year in recognition of the Senator and Assemblymember who best represented business priorities in Sacramento and scored the highest among their peers on the 2021 OCBC Legislative Scorecard.

Congratulations to Senator Tom Umberg and Assemblymember Steven Choi!

The 2021 OCBC Legislative Scorecard measures and compares how well Orange County’s State elected leaders aligned with OCBC’s policy priorities, including its four core initiatives of economic development, infrastructure, workforce development, and workforce housing. OCBC identified 16 bills from 2021 as most critical to Orange County’s business community and economy. Assemblymember Choi, who represents the 68th Assembly District, aligned with OCBC on 10 out of 10 votes, including opposition to a bill imposing onerous regulations on warehouse operators and support for multiple broadband initiatives.

“I am pleased to receive the honor of 2021 Legislator of the Year Award by the Orange County Business Council,” said Choi upon accepting the recognition. “I thank OCBC for recognizing my 100% perfect voting record for the best interest of Orange County. OCBC continues to be a critical voice for businesses in Orange County and across the region, and I look forward to working together to further support our economic recovery in the new year.”

Senator Umberg, who represents the 34th Senate District, voted in alignment with OCBC positions 85% of the time, including tough votes to support badly needed new housing. On his recognition as Senator of the Year, Umberg said, “It’s a constant privilege to be able to serve the people of Orange County and the 34th Senate District. Many thanks to Orange County Business Council’s leadership in advocating for our local businesses—large and small. We have all pushed through this pandemic together, and I’m eager to help our economy continue to rebound and flourish in 2022 and beyond.”

OCBC’s Legislative Scorecard is an important tool to hold elected officials accountable for their success in representing the drivers of Orange County’s robust global economy—its business sector. After prolonged unemployment and business closures experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration with State Legislators on economic recovery is imperative. OCBC works with State Legislators to engage on business issues throughout the year and appreciates its leaders who showed up for business, not just with their voice but with their votes. Overall, OCBC’s advocacy team celebrated a 76 percent success rate on killing bad legislating and securing passage of supported legislation in 2021.

Click here to view the 2021 OCBC Legislative Scorecard.


About OCBC:
Orange County Business Council (OCBC) represents and promotes the business community, working with government and academia, to enhance Orange County’s economic development and prosperity to preserve a high quality of life. OCBC is comprised of the region’s most influential global businesses and organizations, working to assure effective investment in infrastructure, an advanced education system that produces skilled workers, growth of venture capital and high-tech companies, and housing solutions for the workforce. OCBC membership is comprised of some of the world’s largest global corporate leaders as well as representation from local government and academia. 

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