Meeting the Demands of a Growing County

A well-maintained infrastructure system is critical to meeting the needs of Orange County’s residents and businesses. Whether it’s advocating for increased investment in the county’s roads and highway system and supporting innovative funding solutions such as the tolls roads, or increasing the supply of quality drinking water, OCBC ensures Orange County is able to meet the demands of a growing population and expanding economy.

Infrastructure projects are the surest job creators, and provide for the long-term viability of Orange County’s business community.

OCMoves is a public/private partnership advocating for Orange County transportation priorities on the local, state and federal levels. Viable future planning for the future is the very foundation the region is built upon and a key driver of: A prosperous, growing economy competitive businesses, and a high quality of life for Orange County residents.

Meeting infrastructure challenges requires good research, planning and strategy, and ultimately taking strong leadership positions on infrastructure policies and projects that will largely define Orange County’s prosperity and quality of life for decades to come.

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