2022 OCBC Legislative Scorecard Measures OC Elected Leaders on Business Priorities

IRVINE, CA (October 25, 2022)Orange County Business Council (OCBC) today announced its 2022 Legislators of the Year—Senator Pat Bates and Assemblymembers Phillip Chen and Tom Daly. The three leaders were honored for representing Orange County’s business priorities in Sacramento and scored highest among their peers on the 2022 OCBC Legislative Scorecard.

OCBC’s annual Legislative Scorecard measures and compares how well Orange County’s elected leaders in the State Legislature aligned with OCBC’s policy priorities, including its core initiatives of economic development, infrastructure, workforce and housing. OCBC identified 18 bills as most critical to Orange County’s business community and regional economy.

Senator Bates (36th District, Laguna Niguel) aligned with OCBC on 11 out of 12 votes, while Assemblymembers Chen (55th District, Yorba Linda) and Daly (69th District, Anaheim) aligned with OCBC 100% of the time on 16 votes each. These votes included support for a bill establishing CARE Courts to better address homelessness locally and opposition to onerous, anti-jobs mandates on businesses, including several last-minute proposals imposing far-reaching, economically infeasible environmental regulations without proper time for stakeholder engagement.

“It’s my privilege to recognize Senator Bates and Assemblymembers Chen and Daly for their dedicated service to Orange County,” said Jeff Ball, OCBC’s President and CEO. “OCBC commends their commitment to growing the workforce and advancing economic development in our region. Businesses need champions in Sacramento now more than ever, and these three legislators showed up for business with not only their voice, but their votes.” Senator Bates and Assemblymember Daly are serving their final terms in the Legislature this year and OCBC thanks them for their consistent and crucial partnerships with the business community not only during this session, but throughout their tenure.

 OCBC’s annual Legislative Scorecard is a tool that holds elected officials accountable for how they represent the driver of Orange County’s global economy—it’s business sector. In an increasingly difficult legislative and regulatory climate for businesses to operate in Orange County and California, OCBC had a 61% success rate on killing bad legislation and securing the passage of supported legislation this year. To view the 2022 OCBC Legislative Scorecard, visit www.ocbc.org.

About Orange County Business Council
For over 25 years, Orange County Business Council (OCBC) has been representing and promoting the region’s business community working with government and academia to enhance Orange County’s economic development. OCBC is comprised of the region’s most influential businesses and organizations working to assure effective investment in infrastructure, an education system that produces skilled workers, growth of venture capital and high-tech companies, and a range of housing for the workforce. Member organizations include  businesses and local organizations representing a diverse cross section of industries including biomedical, construction, education, financial services, health care, manufacturing, municipalities, nonprofit, real estate, technology, tourism, transportation, real estate and utilities. For more information, visit www.ocbc.org.


Lizz Mishreki, APR 

Vice President of Communications, Orange County Business Council 


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