Ramin Valian

Vice President, Eye Care and Pipeline Commercialization Strategy
Allergan, an AbbVie company

Ramin Valian oversees the Allergan (an AbbVie company) U.S. eye care business unit which includes the company’s dry eye/refractive, glaucoma, retina, and OTC portfolios. He is also the global business unit head for eye care responsible for pipeline commercialization strategy. He has over two decades of sales leadership, marketing, and strategic planning experience in the specialty pharmaceutical and biotech industries and over 17 years of experience in the U.S. eye care market. During his tenure at AbbVie, he has led the launches of seven major products, including most all U.S. eye care licensing opportunities in devices as well as pharma. In addition to in-market roles, he led the global eye care strategy group directing and leading global commercial strategy and activities designed to increase the net value of the Allergan eye care franchise working in collaboration with research and development, as well as business development. In addition to commercial experience, he led the field reimbursement teams and developed HUB reimbursement support services for the eye care team, which transitioned to patient services. Prior to joining AbbVie, Ramin held sales/marketing roles at Johnson & Johnson and Roche in a variety of segments and therapeutic areas including general medicine and diagnostics.