Leading Educational Attainment for Families (LEA) initiative
10 Education Commandments


OCBC’s Leading Educational Attainment for Families (LEA), formerly Latino Educational Attainment, initiative educates Orange County’s immigrant families on the skills needed to navigate California’s school system. This is done through the “10 Education Commandments” workbook. The program empowers families to be the best advocates for their children’s education and future. For the last 17 years, the LEA initiative has unified the business and education community to elevate the academic performance of our young people, and in so doing, produce a highly skilled workforce for Orange County.

For more information on the program, please contact Jesse Ben-Ron, Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development at [email protected] or 949-974-7221.

LEA Supporting Documents:

Funding Partners:

  • AT&T
  • Southern California Gas Company
  • U.S. Bank 
  • Union Bank 

Community Partners

  • Orange County Business Council
  • Orange County Department of Education
  • Orange County Register/Excelsior

Education Partners:

  • Anaheim Elementary School District
  • Broadway Productions
  • Buena Park School District
  • Centralia Elementary School District
  • Fullerton Joint Union High School District
  • Garden Grove Unified School District
  • Huntington Beach Union High School District
  • Joya Scholars
  • Parent Union
  • Westminster School District


“For me, this information has been very important. I learned that it is essential for my children to have a college education and to gain the necessary skills for their future careers. I also learned that I play a key role in my children’s education and now I have the tools to support them all the way through college and to their career. I am a proud and empowered parent!”- LEA Parent 

The Ten Education Commandments helped my parents ensure not only my success in school but also my siblings. It taught them how to advocate for us as well as  how to spark the importance of education among other parents. I honestly believe that  this is a big reason why my siblings and I were able to go to college and pursue a career and why I am now a strong advocate for all residents in Orange County to have access to quality education, be college and career ready.”- Jocelin Jimenez, Workforce Engagement Manager, Orange County United Way

LEA Accomplishments

  • Created and printed 30,000 copies of the 10 Educational Commandments for Parents book in English and Spanish.
  • Created and translated the 4th edition of the “10 Educational Commandments” in Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean.
  • Trained over 10,000 parents on the 10 Educational Commandments for Parents.
  • Participated with the White House Initiative on improving education achievement among Hispanic Students.
  • Highlighted LEA as a promising practice program at the Orange County State of Education Forum.

Leading Educational Attainment for Families Committee

The Leading Educational Attainment for Families (LEA) committee works with schools and community partners to discuss best practice and develop solutions to expand the program throughout Orange County and beyond.


Mario Aguirre, Director, Program Management Office, SoCalGas

OCBC Staff

Jesse Ben-Ron, Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development